Friday, 19 June 2009

This will hurt "Lu Kewens" feelings. I hope.

I ridiculed the PM's 7000 word essay published in The Monthly magazine online moments after I read it (every word of it, not just the snippets republished selectively in the press). Now translated and published in China, even their economists think he hasn't got a clue.,25197,25657881-601,00.html

The simple questions Penny refuses to answer

Why is it so difficult for the government to provide straight forward, science based answers to the three simple questions presented to them by Senator Fielding on climate change? I am a climate change sceptic (or denier to those who judge my opinion more harshly), and the fact that Penny Wong remains silent only confirms my belief that AGW is the greatest scam in the history of the world.,25197,25656849-7583,00.html

Thursday, 18 June 2009

More on Iran and a question for Obama

I do not believe it is appropriate for Barrack Obama to directly criticize the democratic process or result of the Iranian elections. I do however wonder why he has failed to strongly criticize the Iranian governments and its religious backer's brutal suppression of Iranians voicing their opposition to the vote, as well as the governments blocking of communications to the outside world.

Obama talks of a new diplomacy, he talks of a new mutual respect, he talks of a new relationship with the Muslim world. But at what cost? At a time when the suppression of free speech is so blatant, his silence must be soul destroying to those who want to believe in his "change". An opportunity lost, and I want to know why?

Monday, 15 June 2009

Obama and the Islamic World,25197,25635164-7583,00.html

A little "spin" history.,25197,25627499-7583,00.html

Iran: I feel for the moderates.,25197,25636329-601,00.html

You know things aren't right when the largest media organisation in the Middle-East has its Tehran office shut down.

If this election result stands Iran will be at war inside four years. Israel, the US, perhaps even the UN, will not allow this crazed Holocaust denier nor his religious backers to acquire the nuclear weapons he seeks.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Iran: Say it isn't so....please!

From a once proud people that consider their nation to be the birthplace of civilisation (Persia), to this. So very sad that any nation would want to re-elect a government that has internationally isolated its nation like never before. I only hope time will show this election result is more a case of deception than democracy.

What education revolution?,25197,25628853-601,00.html,25197,25647196-25209,00.html