Friday, 22 May 2009

President ‘Yes We Can’ meets Prime Minister ‘No You Won’t’.

A very balanced and informative article originally published in the Jordan Times that covers the first meeting between Obama and newly elected Israeli Pri Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I don't foresee much progress here myself - at least not publicly.

Twelve year-old Iranian candidate suggests Israel be moved to Hawaii

The Iranian elections are due to be held next month, providing a much anticipated opportunity for the Iranian people to demonstrate whether or not they support the increasingly hostile rhetoric of the current leader, President Ahmadinejad. While all new candidates are screened for "obedience" to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (only four have been approved), one unsuccessful candidate is twelve year old Kourosh Mozouni. This young man is someone I imagine we’ll here much more about in the years to come. Not sure how he’ll go moving the Israelis to Hawaii though!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

300 billion reasons for concern

So now it's official. Even though the PM was asked three times to say it, and still couldn't, forecast debt is set to peak at $300 billion. With no silverware in the cabinet left to sell (Howard sold the last of it bailing the country out of the last ALP government debt of $96 billion), my unborn children will still be paying this loan off. IF we need to restructure the budget, then do it Kevin. Stop deferring the "national interests" for your own self interest.

And here is the video:

What if global-warming fears are overblown?

An article from one of the IPCC lead authors, John Christy. Unfortunately for Al Gore, this is one of their own, speaking out on what he says are increases in surface temperature measurements "misinterpreted as greenhouse warming".

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Another important Obama reversal

Staying the course in Iraq, increasing military commitments in Afghanistan, and now the reopening of the military trials that the world condemned George W Bush for. Welcome to the real world Obama! I fully support you on all these necessary evils.